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Board of Directors is the highest rank group in WCR, they are the leaders of their departments. Each rank has one member, who is responsible for their respective department.

Director Ranks[]

Currently, there are five director ranks:

Rank Name Badge Department Description Amount of users Members
Chief Development Officer WCRCHIEFDEVELOPMENTOFFICER Development Leader of the development department. 1 eltrenes
Chief Human Resources Officer WCRCHIEFHUMANRESOURCESOFFICER Human Resources Leader of the human resources department. 1 BJMacsYT
Chief Operations Officer WCRCHIEFOPERATIONSOFFICER Operations Leader of the operations department. 1 Foxcodi21
Chief Public Relations Officer WCRCHIEFPUBLICRELATIONSOFFICER Public Relations Leader of the public relations department. 1 Fernius07yt
Chief Executive Officer WCRCHIEFEXECUTIVEOFFICER General The owner of the game, the CEO is a general leader for the game as a whole. 1 Marioclov