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The British Rail Class 158 Sprinter is a diesel multiple unit manufactured by BREL, currently in use by City Line. The /8 variant is a free train and does not require coins or tickets to be bought, while the /7, its ploughed variant require 75 and 70 coins respectively. A double variant of the 158/7 is also available for 150 coins. This train consists of two coaches, both of them having a driving cab. It has three variants, the Class 158/7, the Class 158/7 with a plough, and the Class 158/8.


  • This train was added around Version 0.2.2 though we were not able to confirm when it was added. The Class 158/8 was later given animated doors and animated Passenger Information Screens.
  • In Version 1.0, interior of the 158/8 was refurbished, receiving two new variants: the Class 158/7 and its ploughed variant.
  • In Version 1.1.1, a double variant of the 158/7 was added.

Sound Files[]



Deceleration[Info 1]:



  • Since this train is free, it is extremely common to see lots of players driving this train.


  1. The AWS pinging sound is not part of the deceleration sound.