Whitecoast City Railway Wiki

The Class 377 Electrostar is an electric multiple unit (EMU) manufactured by Bombardier Transportation and is currently in use with City Line. The train costs 1000 Coins. This train consists of four coaches. It has no variants.



  • This train was the most expensive train in game with a price of 850 Coins.
    • Now this train is the second most expensive train, the most expensive being the Class 450 as of Version 1.0.
      • However, if trains that require buying another train are not counted, it is tied to the Class 350 for the most expensive train, both costing 1000 coins as of Version 1.0.
  • This train is currently the first (and currently only) Electrostar train in-game.
    • It is also the first Bombardier train in-game.
  • Before Version 1.0, the interior was inaccurate as it had a 1+2 seating configuration, while the Class 377 in real life has a 2+2 seating configuration.
    • This was fixed in Version 1.0, with the interior being refurbished.
  • These trains may be able to change between overhead electric and third rail electric in 1.2, as third rail has been shown to a new feature in the update and some of the Class 377s are dual voltage, meaning that they can run on overhead or third rail power.