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The Class 68 is a diesel-electric locomotive manufactured by Stadler Rail and currently operated by City Line. It was previously exclusively for staff use and did not have any coaches. However, it has been made available to the public, equipped with Mk5a coaches, and updated to a new model in Version 1.1.

Future Service with Green Arrow[]

Green Arrow 68

A Class 68 hauling a Green Arrow service.

The Class 68 will be used to operate Green Arrow services in Version 1.2. The set appears to have the same consist as the City Line equivalent, the only notable difference being the shades of green livery used by Green Arrow.


  • The old model for this train was the only train model not made by developer Guilherme_RFS555, but by StefanNL_Plays.
  • This is the most expensive train in the game.
  • Although this train is diesel, it cannot drive diesel-only routes due to its length.
  • You can drive the old version of this locomotive in the Roblox game "RO-scale Railway", just without the WCR livery.
  • The old version of the Class 68 was meant to haul BR Mark 1 coaches in Maroon livery so players could travel with it.
    • However, due to Brickshift within ROBLOX's CSG v2 system (used at the time), this was cancelled.