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The Developer Ranks are a series of ranks in the development department. These ranks focus on the designing, scripting and building of models for the game.

Current Developer Ranks[]

Name Count Members
[TL] Team Lead 1 thomascook1980
[DEV] Developer 8 MrTortoise_guy

aviation4_life PythosLegacy sticksgobyebye izei11 755llljjs Cocoa_Maxi lolipop2000_Charles


Read the full article on Contributors here.

Currently, the Development Department has a special Sub Role called "Contributors". Users with the Contributor are ex-Development members, or current contractors who wish to remain outside of the Development Department to perform their assigned tasks.

Sub Roles[]

Currently, there are 5 Sub Roles, all focusing on specific sections of development. Developers are able to have multiple different Sub Roles. These sub roles are:

Name Description Count Users
[B] Builder Responsible for in-game Assets 3 aviation4_life

Djlike24 izei11 Coca_Maxi

[G] Graphic Designer Responsible for Graphics 3 PythosLegacy

755llljjs lolipop2000_Charles

[S] Scripter Responsible for in-game Scripting 3 sticksgobyebye

Cocoa_Maxi thomascook1980

[T] Train Modeller Responsible for Modelling Trains 0 N/A
[W] Web/Bot Developer Responsible for Websites and Bots 2 MrTortoise_guy


Application Form[]

To apply, applicants must complete a form involving several questions such as age, Discord username and current position within the group.

Applicants must then answer these questions that are about their past experience:

  • Have you been a staff member at Roblox train games?
  • Have you been a staff member at other Roblox games?
  • Have you had any other past experiences that could be beneficial for you as a Developer?

After that, applicants will then have to answer the following questions specifically about their previous work:

  • If we hired you, what would you bring to our team?
  • Why should we choose you over other applicants?
  • Please submit a portfolio or examples of the work you've done so far.

Applicants must answer the first two questions in detail. For the final question, the file can either be a .docx, .doc or .pdf file which contains the applicant's portfolio or simply pictures of the applicants previous work.


Developer applications are currently closed!