Whitecoast City Railway Wiki

The driver role is the most fundamental part of Whitecoast City Railway. As its name suggests, the role primarily includes driving a train and transporting passengers safely to their destination. This article will explain the procedures of driving a train but for more information, please read the Trained Driver guide.


Driver GUI Diagram[]



Action Key
Increase throttle W / Up arrow
Reduce throttle S / Down arrow
Acknowledge AWS Q
Despawn train Shift + D
Switch camera perspective C
Hide GUI Shift + G
Sound horn H
View operator map M
View list of keybinds K
Open/Close doors T
View current schedule N
Activate manual announcements A


Throttle Bar[]

The Throttle Bar is located between the AWS system and the headcode to the left and the line speed and current speed to the right. It has a percentage in it and a red or green bar inside it. If the bar is green, the train speed will increase and if the bar is red, the train speed will decrease. The throttle can be controlled by either pressing the W / Up arrow keys (increases speed) and S / Down arrow keys (decreases speed), or by clicking the manual control buttons left of the signal display. The middle manual control button resets the throttle.


As a driver, you must:

Once the train has spawned[]

  • Leave the depot immediately, following speed limit.

On approach to a station[]

  • Approach the station at 30 mph or lower.
  • Stop at/near the correct car marker (e.g. a two car train must stop at the 2 car marker or a marker that has the character "2" on it.)
    • If there are no markers that match the number of coaches the train has, stop at the next car marker along.
      • If there are no car markers at all or the number of coaches on the train is bigger than the car marker with the biggest number, stop the the car marker labelled "S".
  • If the train terminates at the next station, stop the train close to the buffer.
  • If you overshoot a platform, do not continue driving and skipping the station, you should stop regardless.

While departing a station[]

  • If the next signal is red, wait until the signal has changed to a double yellow aspect.

While driving[]

  • Drive at or around the current line speed.
  • Slow down to half the line speed if you have passed a single yellow signal.
  • Stop at a red signal.
  • Press "Q" or click the AWS 'sunflower' if the AWS has been activated.

As a driver, you must not:

  • Be afk or trolling on the line.
  • Pass signals that are red.
  • Skip stations that you were meant to stop at.

Associated Ranks[]

These ranks are associated with this role (from the least to most important):