Whitecoast City Railway Wiki

The Network Map is an essential part of WCR. As the name suggests, it depicts the locations of the stations and rail lines in game.

Interactive Network Map[]

Click the markers on the interactive map to find more about the stations.

How to view[]


To view the network map as a driver, click the "Map" button on the GUI or press M. This opens the operator map.


Passengers can view the map by pressing M on the keyboard or by clicking the "map" button on the top-left of the screen. This opens the network map.


Pre 1.0[]

Before Version 1.0, the map had the London Underground-style "ticks" at non-interchange stations. There were no curves on the lines but instead sharp angles.


0.3.4 map

Version 1.0[]

The map is a lot more neater with smooth curves and all stations are now "blobs" on the map. Also, there are now three different lines on the map, a thin blue City Line line for mostly single tracked sections, a thicker blue City Line line for mostly double tracked sections and a red Metro line for metro lines, with it being labelled as "Not in operation".


Old 1.0 map

The map was changed once again, now showing the ocean. The curves were more compressed and arrows show the direction of some services.

WCR network map 28-01-2024

Later in 1.0, the map's style was updated.

Version 1.1[]


The map style remained largely the same between the 1.0 and 1.1 maps, with the extensions towards Redborough and Oakwhich-On-Sea being added and the removal of Newingham Street and Mirna Docks. Metro was also removed from the map due to the upgrades of Bracknell Parkway and the removal of the Metro platforms at Rosewells.


  • Version 1.0, route CL014 was incorrectly displayed as stopping at Newingham Street on the City Line map.
  • In Version 1.1, the metro was removed from the network map. This was likely because the metro has not yet been opened, and all references to the operator were removed from Bracknell Parkway and Rosewells.
  • Bracknell Parkway is inaccurately labeled as "Bracknell" on the Version 1.1.1 network map.