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A Platform Staff, or commonly referred by players as a PS, is a member of the WCR Community responsible for dispatching trains safely and keeping the stations well-maintained, as well making announcements for the users of the station. Platform Staff have tasks with different levels of importance. Dispatching is the main priority, followed by maintenance, then announcements. Players must have at least the Platform Staff rank or higher to play in this role.

Platform Staff is available in 7 stations, these are: Whitecoast Central, Mirna Town, Norwich Central, Bracknell Parkway, Chichester City, Blackstone and Redborough. This therefore means there can only be a maximum of 7 Platform Staff active per server.

It is important to note that, when spawned at an station, you can change roles, but when going back to the platform staff station selector, it will only let you spawn at the first station you spawned as Platform Staff in the server. In order to change station, you will have to rejoin.


Platform Staff have their own GUI which can be accessed by clicking a button on the top-left reading "Platform Staff" with an image of a cog. This opens a panel which are split into tabs. These tabs can do the following:

  • Management - opens a mini Information Board which shows services, the expected time of arrival and any cancelled services.
  • Platform occupancy - shows if there is a train at the selected platform, the headcode of the train, the destination of the train, the status of the train and the OFF indicator, Banner Repeater and signal. Also shows the platform layout of the station.
  • Announcements - a tab of 4 buttons reading "CCTV", "Litter, "Delays" and "British T. Police". These buttons play an announcement corresponding to the button pressed.
  • Maintenance - a tab showing which things are functioning. Also used to buy a light interface and a currently non-functional CCTV system for 250 and 350 Coins respectively.


The tasks have different levels of importance. Dispatching is priority, then maintenance, then announcements.



This diagram shows where a Platforms Staff must be to dispatch a train.

Once the train has arrived at a platform, the Platform Staff must go to that platform and stand between the yellow line and the platform edge and must be between the middle and rear part of the train facing the front of the train. They must click on the train and click "TRTS (Train Ready To Start)" as soon as it appears. They then must click the "Close Doors" button once it appears. Before they can click "Depart", the Platform Staff must first check the OFF indicator, Banner Repeater and/or signal. If the OFF indicator is lit, the Banner Repeater is at a 45-degree angle and/or the signal is any aspect other than red, the Platform Staff can then click depart and then must wait until the train has fully left the platform before moving on to other tasks. If a train has overshot, the Platform Staff can ignore the red signal at the station as there is no way to determine whether the next block is clear or not.

If more than 1 train arrives at the same time, the player must first check the headcode. Trains with the headcode 2 (stopping services) have more priority than trains with the headcode 3 (ECS trains leaving the depot.) If both trains have the same headcode, the player must check which train has more delay, which will be dispatched first. If both trains have no delay and have the same headcode, the train which arrived at the station first must be dispatched first.

If a station incident occurs while dispatching a train, you must dispatch the train first before fixing the maintenance issue.

Dispatching gives the Platform Staff 8 Coins.



Maintenance room at Bracknell Parkway.

Occasionally, something in the station will malfunction. If this happens, the station announcer will announce the situation and a warning symbol will pop up. The player must go to the maintenance room, open the marked box and repair the malfunctioning component inside the box. If the player is dispatching a train and there is a malfunction, the player must first finish dispatching the train they are currently dispatching before fixing the malfunction.

Doing maintenance gains the Platform Staff 15 Coins.


Platform Staff must play these announcements every 1-10 minutes. These are played using the Announcements Tab shown. There are four announcements that can be played, the CCTV announcement, the Litter announcement, the British Transport Police announcement and the Delays announcement. This is a list of those announcements:



CCTV Announcement: "24 hour CCTV recording is in operation at this station for the purpose of security and safety management."
Litter Announcement: "Dear passengers, please do not litter around the station! There are trash bins located at various place around the platforms and concourse!"
British Transport Police Announcement: "If you see something that doesn't look right, speak to a staff, or text the British Transport Police at 61016. We will sort it. See it, Say it, Sorted!"
Delays Announcements: "Dear passengers, we are sorry to announce that there are currently various delays in the mainline service! We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We work hard daily to improve our service. Thank you for your comprehension and have a good journey!"
Don't Trespass Announcements: "Do not attempt to trespass at any point on our station. As it endangers our operations. Thank you."
Contact Staff Announcements: "If you notice anything out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to contact the nearest member of train crew."
These are the announcements:
  • CCTV Announcement:

  • Litter Announcement:

  • Delays Announcement:

  • Don't Trespass Announcement:

*Contact Staff Announcement:

Associated roles[]

These ranks are associated with this role (from the least to most important):


  • This role is usually compared to the Dispatcher role in Stepford County Railway, due to how extremely similar the main aspect (dispatching) of the roles are are.
  • The images for the station selection buttons for this role are different to the Passenger and Driver selection buttons.
  • This role is the highest role that does not require applications.