Whitecoast City Railway Wiki

Ticket machines are a feature in Whitecoast City Railway. They were made functional in Version 1.0.


In Whitecoast City Railway, ticket machines are machines for buying tickets for a train, not Tickets for buying routes. They are found at every station in the game and allow the player to obtain a ticket which can open a ticket barrier, should the origin point of the ticket holder's trip be the station they are currently at.

How to use them[]

  1. Go near the ticket machine and click the white screen or press G on the keyboard.
  2. Select option 2 - "Ticket (One Way/Return)" or press 2.
    • Option 1 (Oyster Card) is currently unavailable.
  3. Click the type of ticket (one way or return) then click where you are going to and from and then click "standard" under the "Traveling in" section as the "First Class" option does not currently work.
  4. Click "Check fares" once done!
  5. Click "pay" or press "p" to pay.
  6. You have gotten your ticket!

If you want to exit the screen at any time, press "E" or click "Exit"!


  • Tickets from these machines do not grant players tickets for players to spend on routes.
  • Before Version 1.0, ticket machines were not functional and were only for scenery purposes.