Whitecoast City Railway Wiki

Version 0.3.0 is a major update in Whitecoast City Railway. It released on 8 June 2021 and received 5 significant patch updates.

New features[]

Version 0.3.0 added:[]

  • A new currency system: Tickets and Coins!
    • Tickets were used to buy routes.
    • Coins were used to buy trains.
  • Challenges were added, rewarding extra Tickets and Coins for completing tasks.
  • New Chichester City and Northernville extensions!
  • Class 377 added.
  • 8 new routes.
  • New driver GUI!
  • New spawning system and modules!
  • Around 10 bug fixes.
  • More assets: AWS, Trees, Benches, Lamps, etc.
  • Driving system improvements.
  • New intro scenes!
  • Two badges added!
  • Scenery improvements!
  • Dot Matrix information boards at platforms added!
  • Training Improvements!
  • New Driving Module!
  • RoPresence Fixes!