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Version 1.0 is a major update in Whitecoast City Railway. It was released on the 22nd of January 2023.


Upon release, the update proved to be buggy with the AWS not turning on, lots more derailments, sounds not working and other bugs. Most of these bugs were fixed shortly after the update but the game was still not available to consoles. The update boosted the amount of players on the game as the amount of players online increased to around 300 before dropping to around 100. It later dropped to 10-30, the pre-1.0 concurrent player count.

New Features[]

1.0 introduces the following features:[]

The stations that have been modified are:[]

The following depots and sidings have been modified:[]

The following trains have been modified:[]

New trains:[]


  • New network map
  • New menu
  • New train driving system
  • Station announcements added
  • On-board train announcements added

Development Updates[]

Preview Date posted Description Poster
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P1 20th February 2022 Class 142 departing an upgraded Kai Natural Park. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P2 27th February 2022 The new Class 350 in a tunnel. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P3 5th March 2022 Level Crossing as well as new meshes for trees and bushes. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P4 20th March 2022 Class 350 and Class 450 passing Norwich City. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P5 27th March 2022 Upgrade to Kai Natural Park itself. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P6 4th April 2022 Upgraded Norwich Central. Maximal13_15
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P7 14th April 2022 Upgrade to the scenery around Mirna Docks. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P8 24th April 2022 Norwich Central Low Level Platforms and tunnel to Windy Hill. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P9 6th May 2022 Scenery upgrades to Norwich Central's approach. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P10 15th May 2022 Upgraded Bracknell Parkway. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P11 20th May 2022 Upgraded Chesterfield Green. Maximal13_15
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P12 1st June 2022 Whitecoast Park Siding. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P13 9th June 2022 Addition of a decorative heritage railway and upgrade to scenery. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P14 14th June 2022 Addition of the Class 170 and Class 171, as well as an upgraded Newingham Street. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P15 15th June 2022 Class 142 exiting Chichester City Depot. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P16 28th June 2022 Class 331 at Chichester City Depot. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P17 11th July 2022 Mirna Docks and the ability for Dot Matrix displays to show up to 27 departures, cancellations and delays. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P18 29th July 2022 Upgraded Whitecoast Central. Guilherme_RFS555
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P19 10th August 2022 Upgraded Norwich Central approach. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P20 31st August 2022 New menu screen. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P21 19th September 2022 Class 331 at Kai Natural Park Siding. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P22 1st October 2022 New driving GUI. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P23 6th October 2022 New network map. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P24 12th October 2022 Class 171 near Windy Hill foot crossing. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P25 15th October 2022 Chichester City's station building and canopy. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P26 22nd October 2022 Chichester City's concourse. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P27 5th November 2022 Line near Rosewells Depot. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P28 10th November 2022 Feather and alphanumerical signals. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P29 18th November 2022 New training guide. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P30 28th November 2022 Whitecoast Central flyover. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P31 10th December 2022 Chichester City entrance. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P32 13th December 2022 Class 158/8 and Norwich Central Sidings with snow. Miguelelpro11p
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P33 20th December 2022 Class 170 in Kai Natural Park Siding with snow. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P34 29th December 2022 Bracknell Parkway's approach with snow. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P35 4th January 2023 Kai Natural Park Line. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P35A 8th January 2023 Railgrinder at Rosewells Depot. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P36 15th January 2023 The line beyond Chichester City. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P37 21st January 2023 Class 121. StefanNL_Plays
DEVUPDATEFORV1.0-P38 22nd January 2023 Class 377 at Rosewells. Miguelelpro11p


  • The update was expected to release on 16:42 GMT 22nd of January 2023 but because of an error, the update was released 8 minutes later.


Teaser Date Posted Description
WCR_v1.0-_Role_Reveal_Official_Trailer 6th September 2022 This trailer shows the Platform Staff role and its features (being dispatching and incidents.) Working ticket machines, and "functioning" lifts are also shown.
WCR_Version_1.0_-_Teaser 14th January 2023 This trailer shows various new trains (such as the Class 350) and rebuilt stations. The release date of 22/01/2023 is shown at the end of the trailer.
WCR_Version_1.0_-_Release_Trailer-2 22nd January 2023 This trailer was released just before Version 1.0 was released. It shows various new scenery around the map.