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Version 1.1 is an update to Whitecoast City Railway. The update released on 23 March 2024 at 16:09 UTC, 9 minutes later than the originally announced time due to preparations taking longer than expected.[1]


Upon release the update had many bugs and issues. Common bugs included incorrect sounds on trains, trains not being removed when abandoned, and players immediately being kicked out for "flying". The servers were eventually forced to close for emergency fixes[2] before being reopened 27 minutes later.

The release gained massive criticism with many people believing that the update had been rushed, with beta testers have confirming these claims.[3][4] Staff were also criticised for their handling of the situation.

In the hours and days after release, game servers were frequently shut down as patches for different bugs were rolled out.

New Features[]

New stations:[]

Closed stations:[]

Depots and sidings:[]

New trains:[]

Other features:[]

Upgraded stations and features:[]


Preview Date posted Description Poster
V1.1DEVUPDATE 25012023 25th January 2023 Oakwhich-On-Sea, a new station. Guilherme_RFS555
V1.1DEVUPDATE 06022023 6th February 2023 A Class 171 at Blackstone, another new station. StefanNL_Plays
V1.1DEVUPDATE 13022023 13th February 2023 Blackstone at night. StefanNL_Plays
V1.1DEVUPDATE 14022023 14th February 2023 Mirna Town, a new station StefanNL_Plays
22nd February 2023 Semaphore signals on the Oakwhich branch. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 23032023 23rd March 2023 A Class 66 near Oakwhich-On-Sea. Guilherme_RFS555
V1.1DEVUPDATE 03042023 3rd April 2023 A Class 321 at Whitecoast South, a new station. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 18042023 18th April 2023 A Class 320 or Class 321 headed for Whitecoast Central. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 16052023 16th May 2023 Mirna Town. This station uses the old Northernville building. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 18062023 18th June 2023 A Class 700. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 09072023 9th July 2023 A Class 121 on the Mirna Beach line. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 25082023 25th August 2023 A Class 323 at an upgraded Rosewells. Miguelelpro11p
323sneakpeekforV1.1 1st September 2023 The Class 323. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 30092023 30th September 2023 The approach to Blackstone. izei11
2023 Advent Calendar - between 1 December 2023 and 24 December, a development update was released every day.
2023 C1 1st December 2023 A signal box. Foxcodi21
2023 C2 2nd December 2023 The triangle near Rosewells. Snow can be seen blanketing the area, which will be seen throughout most development updates during the Advent Calendar. Foxcodi21
2023 C3 3rd December 2023 A new station near the semaphore signals shown on 22nd February. Foxcodi21
2023 C4 4rd December 2023 An unknown picnic area. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C5 5th December 2023 A terminus station, later revealed to be Redborough. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C6 6th December 2023 A feather signal at an unfamiliar location. Guilherme_RFS555
2023 C7 7th December 2023 Class 321 at Northernville. Foxcodi21
2023 C8 8th December 2023 A maintenance room at Blackstone. Foxcodi21
2023 C9 9th December 2023 A new part of the network, which will have electrification. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C10 10th December Entrance to Oakwhich-on-Sea. izei11
2023 C11 11th December 2023 A bridge in a new part of the map. Guilherme_RFS555
2023 C12 12th December 2023 A Class 66 at a rebuilt Rosewells. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C13 13th December 2023 A Platform Staff at a new station. A raised pantograph can be seen on the train. The PIS on the train reads 'Redborough', a new station. Foxcodi21
2023 C14 14th December 2023 A harbour. Guilherme_RFS555
2023 C15 15th December 2023 A Class 321 at an unknown depot. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C16 16th December 2023 The same harbour, with a station in the foreground. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C17 17th December 2023 Mirna Harbour TMD. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C18 18th December 2023 A NESCO supermarket. Foxcodi21
2023 C19 19th December 2023 Train at Redborough. izei11
2023 C20 20th December 2023 Semaphore signals at an unknown junction. Djlike24
2023 C21 21st December 2023 A four track railway. The rightmost tracks seem to stop at the distance. The line is next to an unknown depot. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C22 22nd December 2023 Mirna Harbour Foxcodi21
2023 C23 23rd December 2023 The unknown depot next to the four-track layout shown before. Miguelelpro11p
2023 C24 24th December 2023 Teaser confirmation. Marioclov
WCR_v1.1_-_Teaser-2 24th December 2023 Teaser for 1.1. Marioclov
End of 2023 Advent Calendar
V1.1DEVUPDATE 03012024 3rd January 2024 The cab of what appears to be a Class 165 or Class 166. Guilherme_RFS555
V1.1DEVUPDATE 14012024 14th January 2024 The exterior of a rebuilt Bracknell Parkway. izei11
V1.1DEVUPDATE 27012024 27th January 2024 First class on a train. This preview also gives another view of the 4 track mainline. Miguelelpro11p
V1.1DEVUPDATE 22022024 22nd February 2024 A Class 68 with a Mark 5A DVT at one end. The destination display shows Redborough. eltrenes
V1.1DEVUPDATE 29022024 29th February 2024 A new driving GUI. Djlike24
V1.1DEVUPDATE 10032024 10th March 2024 A Class 323 heading to Norwich Central. eltrenes
WCR_V1.1_-_TRAILER 21st March 2024 The trailer for Version 1.1. Fernius07yt