Whitecoast City Railway Wiki

Version 1.1.1 is a minor update to Whitecoast City Railway. It released at 17:00 BST on 11 May 2024[1].

New Features[2][]



  • MPV added (Staff members only)

Double variants have been added for the following trains:

  • Class 158/7 (Double)
  • Class 195/0 (Double)
  • Class 323/2 (Double)

Platform Staff:[]

Other content:[]

  • Improved diesel train sounds.
  • Class 320/321 have received new sounds.
  • Class 323 has received new sounds.
  • New route: R11 Chichester City - Kai Natural Park.
  • Working headlights on all trains.
  • Majority of v1.1 bugs have been fixed.


Preview Date posted Description Poster
V1.1.1DEVUPDATE 04042024 4th April 2024 The first preview showing the version number to be V1.1.1. Marioclov
V1.1.1DEVUPDATE 15042024 15th April 2024 An upgraded Whitecoast Central. Djlike24
V1.1.1DEVUPDATE 29042024 29th April 2024 An aerial view of a mainline and surrounding urban area. Marioclov
V1.1.1DEVUPDATE 06052024 6th May 2024 A double Class 158 rounding a corner. eltrenes
WCR_V1.1.1_-_TRAILER 6th May 2024 The trailer for Version 1.1.1. Marioclov